Pole beans supports

The weather is getting better and better. So it’s time to get the edible garden up and running. What we still needed were the supports for our pole beans… Now keep our fingers crossed that the 3 meter long poles will support a lot of beans!

growing_pole_beans_1 growing_pole_beans_2

So many months later (it’s mid september now), we were able to enjoy home grown beans all summer. Pure luxury! Unfortunately, we are now on the other site of summer and probably gathering the latest beans…

IMG_2451 IMG_2455


A little DIY

Doing some DIY often meant spending a lot of time with the car and the luggage rack just to transport all you need over a few kilometers. With a cargo bike and it’s self-build luggage rack it’s probably faster to get to the DIY shop in the first place. Once there you can load even more stuff than on the car. My car can only carry 50 kg on it’s roof and when you transport long materials it can get very wobbly. Our cargo bike can load up to 100 kg and transport long object without problems… And thanks to the self made insect screen we can finally enjoy fresh air in our house without having to chase the bugs!


Black Fuel (by Channel Zero)

An Inconvenient Truth in a metal song? The song dates back to 1997!

We gotta slow down the speed

The less we have is the more you need

We gotta cut off the speed

While the engines bum beneath our feet

We’re running out of the fuel

It’s hard to find like jewel

We’re running out of the fuel

Black fuel’s the master making rules

Black fuel controls the world

We stand backs to the wall

And being slaves after all

We stand backs to the wall

Till the never ending story falls

And then one day you’ll see

We messed it up so let it be

And than one day we’ll see

There’s nothing left internally

Black fuel controls the world

Every minute that we move

Black fuel’s being used

Depending all the time always

More water in the wine

While I’m sitting in my room

Patiently waiting for the boom

Black fuel