Container park trip

For some time rubbish gathered in our garage. Time for a trip to the container park. Since the weather was nice we’ve changed this job into a family trip. Our load included wood, plastics, cover of the washing machine, grease, sandbox, highchair, wheel set and the worn out system for the garden hose. The nice view was a free bonus.

IMG_2384 IMG_2383 IMG_2381


Bike transporter

I like do to as much work on our bikes myself. Not only to save money, but also for the fun. But sometimes there are problems I can’t solve. The MTB had a leak in the hydraulic brake system. Time to hire a pro! Safety first! For the first time I transported an adult bike on the Bullitt. A bit weird, but it works…

IMG_2308 IMG_2306

Commuting by bike vs buying bread by car

Commuting by bike is possible! I only have to ride 38 km to my work and back. But some bikers I know travel to work over a distance of 60 to 70 km. Every day. Summer and winter. Wind, sun, rain, snow, fog,… Respect! On the plus side: you meet like-minded people, see the seasons change, enjoy a beautiful sunset,… Why is it that some people still start their engines to buy bread two blocks away? And why is it that these motorists have to be such aggressive towards pedestrians and cyclists? As far as I know they don’t harm the environment or anything else…


To much birthday presents

For my sons sixth birthday we’ve rented -together with one of his best friends- the local sport facility to give a party for all the friends from school. Cycling to the sport hall the boxes contained toys and of course enough foods and drinks to keep the young crowed going. On the way home the boxes were filled with our own toys and way to many presents…

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