Looking for messenger bags and backpacks

Because my current backpack is completely worn out, all my things get soaking wet every time it rains.  For a few weeks I’ve been looking for a big, cool, handy and waterproof messenger bags or backpacks. The ones from Mission Workshop seem to do the trick, but are very hard to get in Belgium. And will they be as good as they seem on their website? It’s an expensive risk to take… As shown in the videos: Yes we can do almost (anything) by bike!!!




3 thoughts on “Looking for messenger bags and backpacks

  1. look at Chrome bags, hi quality beautifully made bags and backpacks (and shoes I have a pair of those) – so many UK bike couriers import them from US so they have to be good – the backpacks make more sense if you are not doing hundreds of drops and it is mainly a commuter bag.

  2. After a few months of using both the messenger bag (The Rummy) and the backpack (The Vandal) I must say I’m a bit disappointed. Although bag are functional, big and have a certain coolness, I’m not the big fan anymore. First of all the buckle of the messenger bag was damaged at arrival, but the guys from Mission Workshop solved this problem very quick. Further, the ergonomics of the bags just don’t work for me (in other words: I get back ache after 15 kilometers). And the buckle of the messenger bag already starts to show some wear and tear… Not the qualities I hoped for!

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