Cycling for charity

Every year the Belgian army organizes a charity cycling event, the 10 hours of Grobbendonk. Teams of up to five bikers are invited to cycle as much rounds possible within 10 hours by MTB on the military domain of Grobbendonk. The principle is the same as in a relay race, only is the stick a water bottle containing a sensor. The sponsors pay a certain amount of money for every completed round. The output of this charity event goes a sheltered workshop and rehabilitation center for kids. The video is a captation of the starting lap -a detour to give every biker the necessary off road space- and a first lap. I’m guessing they’re riding at an average speed of almost 29 km/u. This means I still have to practice, my average in my opening hour was 23,5 km/u! The comment on you tube is slang written by a guy riding a cross motor in front of the peloton on the first round. He could hardly stay in front of them on these narrow tracks! A big hurray for the ‘slow bike’!!!


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