Low cost holiday – Summer 2011

A few few years ago we’ve renovated a small house in a small town and even in the following years all our money was invested in our family home. For the summer holiday we’ve searched for a cheap alternative. So we’ve loaded up the Bullitt with our luggage and hooked on a child carrier. We gave our -at the moment five year old- son the choice. Riding his own racing bike -for the connoisseurs, it’s a 1970’s 16 inch Flandria racing bike dedicated to the world champion Freddy Maertens– or take a seat in the child carrier. When necessary we attached the child bike tot the child carrier or strapped it onto the alubox. The first day we’ve covered a distance of 60 kilometer before arriving at a youth hotel. The second and third day we’ve explored the region and cycled approximately 40 kilometer each day. On the fourth day we’ve travelled the 60 kilometer trip back home. So 200 kilometers in total, traveling by bike with a 5 year old. It’s possible and huge fun!

Afbeelding Afbeelding 1


2 thoughts on “Low cost holiday – Summer 2011

  1. To be honest… It makes me feel very proud having a child this young riding a bike, but at the same time it makes me feel very anxious. As a cyclist we all know how hard you can crash. And then you still have to cope with all these cars and other fast moving traffic!!!
    We must say we’ve never pushed our son. A little story to illustrate…When he was 2 years and 10 months he ask us to remove the side wheels from his bike. I told him we would only remove them when he stopped really hard on our command. It was on his third birthday that he demonstrated -with screaming tires- how hard he really could break. With a lot of fear we removed the side wheels and gave him a little push in a nearby park. We were very surprised how well he drove his first meters. Of course the first crash didn’t take long…

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