The logic of Belgian politicians

For years our government gave subsidy for everyone who bought a eco-friendly car. These subsidy could pile up to 15% of the catalogue price. I always thought this was very strange. In my opinion it’s not…

… what car you drive, but how you drive it. Do you drive full throttle or very economical?

… what car you drive, but when you use it. Do you use your car for very short runs or only for long trips?

At the moment there is a discussion going round that old vehicles will have to pay more taxes because they pollute more. But…

… what is the total emission of building a new car?

… is using an existing car not more eco friendly then replacing it with a new one?

And on what basis do they calculate the average fuel consumption of a car? Because…

… a lot of guys I know drive ecofriendly or modern cars. What they all say is that they can’t reach the average fuel consumption communicated by the car factory.

… when I read a car test, there is always a sentence that’s impossible to reach the communicated average fuel consumption. Often the difference is up to 2 liters of for per 100 kilometers.

… we drive a 12 year old Japanese  car with well over 200 000 km on the counter. The average fuel consumption communicated by Toyota in 2000 was 6,7 liters of petrol per 100 kilometers. In the summer we often reach an average of 5,5 liters per 100 kilometers, or less!

So why can’t I receive any subsidy for my car? Or even better for my bikes? As far as I know they have a very low co2 emissions. But I might be wrong of course…

IMG_1861 IMG_1860


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