The sexiness of bikes

Last weekend there was a street race on the Belgian roads between a (rented) Porsche Cayenne and a Mercedes C30 AMG . The accident following the race involved two dead people and three with major injuries. The debate delivered an interesting quote: ‘Do you know how successful I am with ladies when I drive a sports car? Besides that, a nice car opens a lot of doors, even those of discotheques’ (De Standaard, 29/11/2012, page 22). Maybe he’s pinpointing our complete car orientated society. As long as riding a (cool) bike results in social neglection,  a majority of people will keep on using those cars , motorcycles,… Bikes can be sexy too! And street racing is a lot saver by bike! Maybe I must drive our Bullitt to the driveway of the nearest discotheque to see what will happen… Probably it will not end on the VIP parking space.



Train vs Bike (or the social part of cycling)

Normally I use a racing bike to get to work. But yesterday evening I had an appointment in my hometown. So instead of arriving there all sweaty after work, I chose to go exceptionally by train. During the day the news spread that there were major problems with the electricity between two important Antwerp train stations. To make a long story short. It took me 1u20 (twice the time to cover the distance by bike) to get home and had to cancel my appointment. But (and this is the most important part) I’ve noticed that complete strangers, while waiting in overcrowded trains, started talking to each other. Thanks NMBS for getting people out of their individual space and communicate with each other!!!  The conclusion? There should be more major train problems? I prefer riding my bike, including the often very nice conversations on the way!!! Thanks fellow bikers for this social part of cycling!!!

Schermafbeelding 2012-11-27 om 20.12.49 Schermafbeelding 2012-11-27 om 20.14.01

A cardboard bike?

Why on earth would someone try to make a bike out of cardboard? Anyway the result looks fantastic. And when you look closer it has a lot to offer. This Alfa, designed by Izhar Gafni, weights just over 9 kg and is so strong it can carry 24 time its own weight! No adjustment is needed at all. Due to a belt-driven pedal system it’s maintenance free. And at approximately 16 EUR a piece it’s a complete bargain. Cheap, fun and sustainable! The world needs more people like you Izhar! Please bring it into production as soon as possible…