The sexiness of bikes

Last weekend there was a street race on the Belgian roads between a (rented) Porsche Cayenne and a Mercedes C30 AMG . The accident following the race involved two dead people and three with major injuries. The debate delivered an interesting quote: ‘Do you know how successful I am with ladies when I drive a sports car? Besides that, a nice car opens a lot of doors, even those of discotheques’ (De Standaard, 29/11/2012, page 22). Maybe he’s pinpointing our complete car orientated society. As long as riding a (cool) bike results in social neglection,  a majority of people will keep on using those cars , motorcycles,… Bikes can be sexy too! And street racing is a lot saver by bike! Maybe I must drive our Bullitt to the driveway of the nearest discotheque to see what will happen… Probably it will not end on the VIP parking space.



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