Transporting Tigger

Schoolrun after carnival…



Planning 2013

At the moment I’m planning the major bike trips for 2013. All this thinking brings up flashbacks from past bike tours. Memorable times. Hopefully this year will be bigger, better and faster! For now, I have to lose weight and start completing those training miles (although it can be damn cold in February).

jtx9-HFAN IMG_0622 IMG_0001 IMG_6366 IMG_3228 IMG_3217


For some weeks now, I keep staring at the website of the new Belgian bike brand Jaegher (some kind of Flemish for hunter). I’m a big fan of their lightweight, tailormade steel racing frames. Everything is just right: the product, the story, the durability, the looks,… Even the promomaterial feels right.


Velofollies vs Bike reality

I almost forgot about these pictures, but they are so symbolical I still want to share them. Because Velofollies (the biggest Belgian bike fair) opened only at 2 pm that friday, I took my city bike, jumped on a train, read a newspaper and some magazines, worked on the IPad, listened to some music and after arriving did some city-tripping in Kortrijk. It was cool to rediscover work of art I already knew and discover newly build things. When I finally arrived at the fair there was a huge complete snow and ice free parking lot for cars and a very small parking space for bikes completely covered in fresh snow. Quite ironic I think… And inside you could find thousands of fast and mostly very expensive bikes, outside there were thousands of mostly expensive cars and five old, heavy used bikes (actually, one of them was a cheating publicity bike). But doesn’t this illustrated the real position of a bike in our society? As an expansive thing of beauty for the sunday morning ride to the pub… I hope the ‘car bikers’ suffered from a major traffic jam on the way home. Oops, sorry…

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