The making of my Jaegher

A few weeks ago I’ve ordered a tailor-made steel racing frame at Jaegher. Can’t wait to ride the Phantom! Hopefully it will fulfill all my bike wishes. To be continued…

IMG_3012 IMG_3014 IMG_3024


Fruit and veggie express II

Home late and still had to collect our fruits and vegatables. Because of the entering snowfront I was planning to collect them tomorrow. But for some reason I changed my mind and went for a little trip. And what a trip… Beautiful, snowy roads, a quiet city and a lot of grip. This time it wasn’t the snow that slowed us down, but the few cars on the road! A loaded Bullitt, the fastest vehicle on the road (at this moment, in these conditions at least)!!!


The city on bike

Earlier today we went to the hairdresser. While waiting I witnessed how many people stopped to have a closer look at the parked Bullitt. In my opinion the prove that (some) bikes can compete cars as desirable objects. So why are people still buying expensive, eco unfriendly and often dull cars while there are so many cool bikes around?