BBQ time

Yesterday was a big day. Not only did I pick up a BBQ accessory  ( a so called eggcessorie) I ordered 33 months ago. The long ride home was hilarious. The Antwerp city center was completely congested. While driving a Bullitt with over 18 kg of charcoal and my beloved folding grill extender I overtook literally hundreds of cars, the police (I wouldn’t even dare this in a car), some busses,… Once out of town I got the Bullitt up to speed. The combination of heavy winds and an unaerodynamical load made the trip home a real workout. After all it took me only 8 minutes longer (compared to my race bike). And finally… Dear weather gods, can we please have some good weather so we can enjoy some outdoor cooking?

SAM_0519 DSC_0030


Second hand sale

Every know and then the Gezinsbond (a Flemish association without lucrative purpose that supports all kind of families) organizes a second hand fair. A good opportunity to get rid of unused toys and other child related stuff. And to get the Bullitt rolling of course! After all it was a success because most of our things got a second life elsewere…

DSC_0003 DSC_0006


The Holstee Manifesto

OK, it’s a promo video of a (clothing) company called Holstee. But there’s is so much truth in the trailer. Last week a young guy started talking to me while cycling to work. He was doing his last few days as an employee of a famous Belgian fashion designer. Next monday he will start his own Tour de France on foot. That’s one aspect I like about cycling. You meet someone, start talking and go your own way again. Good luck anonymous cyclist!!! (Please mind the subtile ‘Fuck cars’ inscription in the video!!!)

Big cargo cases

My last order has just arrived. Because we want to move larger and dirty stuff by bike we’ve bought two Rako transport container systems (800 x 600 x 425 mm and 800 x 600 x 220 mm). This means we can transport up to 265 liters of (light) cargo!!! Now we can finally get rid of garden waste or go and collect compost, fertilizer, pine cones,…

DSC_0080 DSC_0082