2012 Brussels average bus speed

On the 29th of April there were some interesting figures published in the newspaper (De Standaard, page 13). The average bus speed in Brussels in 2012 was 16,6 km/h. During rush hour this was reduced to 15,6 km/h. Late night it was 20,3 km/h. The busiest and slowest lines didn’t reach an average of 12 km/h! According to Jef Van Damme (SP.A) these figures show that public transport can only be a real alternative if there’s less space for cars and more space for busses and trams. In my opinion these figures also show the relativeness of speeds approached by motorized (public) transport and the possibilities of peddle power. A vast majority of people must be able (maybe with some practice) to reach these average speeds. So dear politicians, please invest in good and safe cycle infrastructure!



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