Speed reducers

Something what I always though off as the next step in speed regulations is becoming a reality: speed limits for bikers. On the path along the river Schelde the Flemish government has installed speed reducers for cyclist. The core of the problem is that the paths are used by amateur and professional (amongst them Thomas De Gendt and Ilyo Keisse) cyclists as a training route. In the past there have been some incidents with groups approaching other road users way to fast. The solution in my opinion is that different road users must respect each other, in this case reduce speeds when approaching kids, elders,… and only ride at high speeds when possible. The installation of speed bumps for cyclist is exaggerated and effects all cyclist all the time. Small detail: when the government thinks of this a success, they will install similar speed bumps on other rivers… I’m wondering where it still will be possible to cycle without the dangers of modern motorized traffic and without all kinds of rules within 5 or 10 years. Or to see it in another perspective: one moment we are cheering as a nation for the achievements of our champion cyclist, 5 minutes after the race as an individual you are getting in danger because of maladjusted road behavior or jelled at just because you ride a bike.



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