Cykell bike carrier

When I started biking I didn’t want to spend to much money on my hobby. For that reason I started with a second hand MTB. And because the combination of a decent bike carrier system and a towing hook was way to expensive, I also bought one of the cheaper Thule trunk mount systems. A decision I regretted every time I used it. Apart from being cheap, this system was unpractical to mount, very unhandy to install two or three bikes, unstable under heavy loads and very sensitive for wear and tear (I had to replace the straps twice in it’s six year lifetime). With a new second hand car finally came a towing hook and the search for a good bike carrier system. After scanning the market our choice was a new kind on the block. Cykell combines the best of all worlds. The T3 is fast to install, the green and red indicators (‘just click’) are a blessing to be absolutely sure of a good placement, it’s easy to place up to three bike’s (four with an optional accessory) and you can still easily open the truck. The folding system makes it possible to stall the carrier in our small garage (a problem with most of the popular systems). We’ve bought some of the first examples  of the T3 and on our carrier there was a small problem with the removable grip arms. To be completely honest, the guys at Cykell solved the problem in the best possible way. Top product, a competitive price, 5 years guaranty and a top service (a rarity these days)! And I love the extra minutes sleep every time I have to use the car to go cycling somewhere else… Pure luxury.

Schermafbeelding 2013-09-05 om 19.26.36 Afbeelding_v2 DSC_0016_v2 DSC_0019


2 thoughts on “Cykell bike carrier

  1. looks good – I went for the Thule rack on top of car – it is easy to load – locks the bikes and also keeps bikes high up and away from road grime ….
    but your rack also looks pretty solid and better with fuel consumption at a guess

    • This way of transporting bikes hardly influences the fuel consumption (I have an eco friendly driving style, maybe when you push a car harder the influence will be bigger). In the past we had some difficulties finding parking space with our Thule roof box, transporting bikes on top of the car makes this even harder.

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