Goodbye Chariot

After the Chariot was sold on Ebay, it was time for a last ride (our son could hardly fit in the child carrier). The CX 1 is currently enjoying his second life somewhere in Poland.



A video link for Bruno:


5 thoughts on “Goodbye Chariot

  1. Hello!
    My name is Bruno and I live in Natoye (small village near Namen in Wallonie). I think that I’m also “a bike enthusiast” ! I use my bike everyday to go to my office. Since the birth of my first son I bought a Chariot (captain XL) to drive him at school. Now, my second son starts school… I would like to buy a cargo bike. It seems easier to “carry” them but mainly funniest ! I’m looking for a second hand bike but it’s really difficult to find it.
    I would like to find a Bullitt (I want to keep the sporty skills of a bike) adaptated for my 2 sons of 3 and 4 years old !
    Do you have any advices to help me ?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

    • Hello Bruno,

      thanks for the comment and sorry it took a while to respond.

      I haven’t seen a second hand Bullitt around in the last years, so I can’t help you with this.

      If you like a sporty riding style, a Bullitt is a must have. I sometimes ride it to work and even with the alu box on top it’s still possible to follow the guys on racing bikes (they look like I’m an alien). Under hard acceleration is the only time when you really feel the weight of the cargo bike. To illustrate something else. I (almost) never use my city bike and always take the Bullitt out, even when I don’t need the cargo stuff.

      Concerning transporting your two sons… As far as I know, there are a few possibilities (maybe not all the suggestions will work with two kids).
      First option is buying an (expensive) after market seat set, e.g. Splendid Cycles (
      Second option is building one yourself.
      Third option is installing a (old) car seat. We’ve done this when our son was smaller for traveling over larger distances. He liked it a lot, especially under heavy cornering (although it must be a bit scary riding backwards). I’ll post a video from a guy in Kortrijk doing this thing.
      Fourth option is installing just a pice of rubber mat. We’ve transported up to 3 kids / toddlers on the Bullitt Honeycombboard like this. Sometimes we had 4 kids toddlers on the Bullitt, this is possible when the largest kid stands just behind the steering wheel, between your arms. You can see something like this in the post ‘To Much birthday presents’ (August 31, 2012). For a few kilometers it’s a good solution.

      All this seems scary, but all the kids who drove along one time always asked for another ride later on. It sometimes feels like being an attraction park.

      I hope this is some answer to your questions. If not, please contact me again!

      Good luck with your search for a good (cargo) bike solution…

      • Hello!
        Thank you very much for your complete answer.
        I’m still looking for a second hand Bullit.
        I have a contact with a shop in London. I’m waiting their response. If it doesn’t success… I think that I will buy a new one and build a personnal solution to carry my sons…
        I’ll will continue to inform you about my search.
        Thank you for the funny video. 🙂
        Have a nice Bullitt sensation !

  2. Unfortunately the bike which interested me has been sold a while ago. Second hand Bullitts are too rare as most people hang on to them for years…Pity!
    But during my search, I discovered a new modular cargo bicycle from ….Belgium – -bicycles are handcrafted, each bike is unique!
    I contacted them to receive more details… W&S.

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