H.R.Morris Special Model 1963 – An Engligh Lightweight Masterwork

I’m just wondering how lightweight this English Lightweight Masterwork is. Especially compared to modern time frames…

Vintage Bicycle


I recently carried out some work on this frame which in my opinion is one of the great masterworks of English lightweight frame building. It was built by H.R.Morris of Walthamstow, East London, in 1963. Morris owned the bicycle shop that I used to frequent when I was in my late teens, and I was very fond of him. He was a big man with hands like bunches of bananas, but his work could be incredibly detailed and delicate. The lug cutting on this bicycle, all done with a tiny fret-saw and files, is second to none. His initials ‘HRM’ are cut into all the lugs, even at the bottom bracket, where the cutting is at its smallest and most difficult. These lugs took approximately two weeks to cut. It is rumoured that there are thirteen such bicycles built by Morris, but this is highly unlikely. I have seen only…

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A comment and a video on Vimeo reminded me of the tricks we did with our cargobike when our son was younger. For longer trips on dry days we installed an old carseat on the Bullitt. Apparently riding backwards wasn’t an issue because he enjoyed every moment of it, especially when hard cornering…

Is cycling (still) healthy?

The other day I was wondering, how healthy is it still to cycle in todays traffic? On my way to work I have to pass several road and construction works, often accompanied with gigantic dust clouds. And this is besides the diesel and petrol fumes from cars, busses, trucks,… The most annoying smell is that of a scooter driving in front of you, it’s so dominant I sometimes wait a few minutes before continuing my trip.


(image from: www.thesartorialist.com)


That type of day

It was again one of those days when it seems to rain inside cars. Why is it otherwise that car drivers completely behave different when it starts raining? Suddenly it’s OK to cross or block bicycle pads. Even the right of way is no more then a distant memory. It must be really annoying inside a car with this type of weather! A little respect for the one’s who are getting wet and cold?