Jean-François d’Or

Last weekend we’ve visited the Moodboards exhibition by the Belgian designer of the year 2013 Jean-François d’Or at Grand Hornu. What catched the eye was a bike parking system. The design and the little text that compagned  the design illustrated that Jean-François is a biker himself or understands bikers quite well…

I quote: ‘Bike lovers hate to drop their bike within a wheel-stuck bike-range jaw. Urban observations show that cyclists entrust their bike to a tree for security, stability and sensitive wood contact that won’t scratch their polished jewel frame’.

DSC_0006 DSC_0066 DSC_0068

Details on the design: ARBRE A CYCLE, Bike range – Urban furniture, Wood- Galvanised steel, Edition Woodex (BE) 1998.


2 thoughts on “Jean-François d’Or

  1. That’s indeed a bike lover. I would like to leave my bicycle against such disign- item. Let’s hope we will see it soon in the city or near pubs or restaurants!

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