How bikes can save us

Just found this pamphlet on the blog from rich director (couldn’t reblog it, sorry for that). If only more people approached traffic with this knowledge… And although Europe is mentioned as an example, there’s still a lot of change to be done over here.



Atlanta snow

Apart from all the misery it involves, it’s quite funny to see what a few centimeters of snow can do to a car based society. Due to the snowfall of the 29th of January people had to queue for up to 10 hours or even had to spend the night in heated supermarkets. Can’t imagine that – apart from my yearly wintercrash – a bike would be that slow in mild snowy conditions…

Atlanta_2 Atlanta_1 Atalanta_3

Less cars in Brussels

According to Bruno De Lille (State Secretary for mobility, Groen), there are 7% less cars in Brussels, measured over the last 10 years. In the same period there are 16% or 160 000 extra inhabitants in Brussels. The response of Els Ampe (council member for mobility, city of Brussels, Open Vld)? ‘The figures will be correct, but it won’t help to dissolve the traffic jams’.

I would say: let us all be honest to ourselves and only use petrol engined things when absolutely necessary. The traffic jams will disappear! Together with other problems like air quality, road safety, stress, physical health, obesitas,… And can you have a nice conversation with someone in the car next to you? Maybe this is also good for the social network… The weather? It’s more often not raining then raining (or just wait till it stops raining). Clothing? Yes you can wear suits, dresses, high heels and other fancy stuff and use peddle power! Check for Cycle Chic for numerous examples. And they live 800 km up north!

Cycle Chic 5 Cycle Chic 2 Cycle Chic 3 Cycle Chic 1 Cycle Chic  4 Cycle Chic 6

Pictures taken from Cycle Chic.