I got up early to go cycling…

The truth behind getting up early to go cycling? It is striking to see how many car manufacturers use bicycles in the promo stands, commercials,…


6 thoughts on “I got up early to go cycling…

  1. The message being that cars are for functional mobility and bikes are only good for working out. Our children and grandchildren will use this material in class to illustrate just how late we started to take the climate crisis serious. Combustion engines? Soo 2000.

      • This morning on the MTB I was thinking about your comment. Surely it is stupid to use cars for all sorts of reasons. For my trips to work I use my bike or – in poor conditions – the train in combination with walking. When I do use a car it’s mostly related to visiting family and bike trips. Where I live there are unfortunately no forests, hills, mountains,… Public transport to these places hardly exists. And this is the case for a lot of people who would like to bike, walk, run in nature or just enjoy a piece af nature. And a piece of nature is something I need from time to time…

      • Indeed, not everyone has the luxury to have some vast piece of nature nearby. Especially in a country like ours where most open space has been cut into pieces by ribbon building, road infrastructure (I do mean automobile infrastructure) and business areas (bedrijfsterreinen).
        We are practically obligated to use cars daily, because all systems and infrastructure are tuned onto that option. In order to get our ‘bike-revolution’ (as I like to call it) going, it’s up to us to show those other young families who depend on two cars in their driveway, that there is another way to get around. A cleaner, healthier, cheaper and more sustainable way.

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