The Fietsklik is one of these well designed things that could make day to day life on bike easier… Hopefully it will be on the market soon!


Top vs. average speed

For the first time since almost a month I used the car again. I did 50 minutes over a distance of 6 km in Antwerp and 2h40 over a distance of 115 km. And there’s a good side to this… It made one thing very clear. Again! Motorized traffic has got nothing to do with top speeds, but all with average speeds. When will a majority of people finally get this? Traveling at a low, but constant speed is far more efficient then doing 120 km/h plus on a short part of your trip. So people with power, please start introducing a low, contant speed for cyclists and cars in city centers. But make sure they don’t have t stop at every traffic light. And please optimize traffic outside of city centers. Why not introducing a visualization of a kind of road code? E.g. integrated in the road, on lamp posts, in car systems,… Red meaning you’ll surely have to stop at the next traffic light, orange meaning you’ll probably have to stop at the next traffic lights and green meaning you don’t have to stop at the next traffic lights when continuing at this speed. The solution to get on your destination faster? Slow down and reach a higher average speed! Safer, more relaxed, eco-friendly,…