The beginning of a great adventure

After years of working on my own bikes, I really wanted to start my own bike business as a complementary activity. This ment serieus study to get the official diploma as a cycle repairer (it is a protected profession), getting through all the administration for the startup itself and setup things like website and accountancy. Hard work, but the first of April meant the birth of my own bike repair shop. To quote Lou Reed: hopefully ‘the beginning of a great adventure’…

The beginning of a great adventure Workshop


Speed limit for cyclists

A s I feared less then a year ago (see Speed reducers), speed limits for cyclists are implemented. Starting from the first of April 2014 certain small roads in Belgium indicated with traffic sign F99 a, b and c will have a maximum speeds of 30 km/h for all road users. This is including cyclists. No idea how the government will organise the fines afterwards…

F99B F99A F99C

Kroost with Tom Boonen

In an interview on the Flemish television show Kroost (Vier) Tom Boonen said a remarkable thing. Being a racing driver himself (Boonen owns a track ready Ferrari and one for the road), he stated that it was insanely dangerous the do his bike training on the roads. Almost no day passes by when he does’t have an incident on the bike. Last sunday half of Belgium was cheering for our national heros trying to win the Ronde van Vlaanderen. The day after those cyclists, apparently also the heros, are once again irritating road users we’re all trying to get rid of… Something to think about, dear petrol heads!