Election day

Next Sunday is an election day in Belgium. The political party Groen campaigned on a remarkable way. Now and then they painted the message ‘Sporten is tof – Weg met fijn stof’ (meaning something like: sport is fun, but not in polluted air) on the big cycle pads of Antwerp. Apparently at least one person in Antwerp is against good air quality. He/she/them decided to overpaint the message in blue (a political gesture?). Ironically the political statements are located on one of the more polluted areas in Antwerp, this is in the direct environment of the ‘Singel’ and the R1 (the high way around the city). For some people is really doesn’t matter in what kind of world we live in…

Posthofbrug Antwerp


Vanhawks Valour

Another good, bike related idea from Kickstarter… The Vanhawks Valour is not only a cool, good looking bike, it’s also a bike with integrated modern day technology. Instead of mounting a smartphone on your handle bar (something I always thought of as a strange idea), you use your smartphone to configure your ride and let your handle bar guide you throughout traffic. It also detects the best (or the worst roads) and will help to find your bike when stolen. A lot of great ideas… I do have the impression that the guy in the video is way to tall for the chosen frame size.