Car ownership is expensive

As I’ve read online in Het Nieuwsblad, the value of a garagebox in Knokke is currently up to 150 000 EUR. On other parts of the Belgian coastline it’s somewhere between 40 and 50 000 EUR. In cities like Ghent it’s ‘only’ 25 000 EUR, in Antwerp 35 000 EUR. How much money do you have to make to spend this amount on a parking space for your car? It makes me a bit dizzy… If I had the money, for sure I would spend it elsewhere!




2 thoughts on “Car ownership is expensive

  1. Dead on, I simply refuse to pay these ridiculous amounts just so I get to park my expensive car close to the place where I live (or places, actually, as I alternate between a house in Ostend and a flat during weekdays in Brussels. My own solution: a -very- basic Thompson bike for touring and general transportation (with a couple of saddle bags you can transport ridiculous quantities of supermarket stuff), a Brompton (overpriced and heavy, I know, but it packs away to a tiny size) for commuting on the train and cycling to office in Brussels and finally a Cambio car-sharing subscription for the rare occasions when a car is really handy (mainly when visiting relatives, my wife is not in the game for any bicycle tour of >30 km). Thanks for your review about the Jaeger bike frames, btw. They have a really sleek site and I was considering them for a more touring related upgrade to the Thompson but your review convinced me to look elsewhere.

    • Thanks for the comment, Werner. It’s nice to read stories from like minded people and to see there are plenty solutions to get everywhere you want! I’ve just started using a Kansi 1Twenty folding bike. Not as well build and not as compact as a Brompton, but at 475 EUR (import from UK) also not as expensive. Curious how it will ride within 2 years. Btw, the Jaegher is a really good (not lightweight) and beautiful bike, but at that price I don’t want to have all the fuss around it.

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