The Marymoor Crawl

What a bike race! Like the combination of surplace for 4 minutes and one fast 400 meter lap.


Violeta Bulc

Finally a high placed politician who declares her love for the bicycle as main transport solution. During her hearing on the 20th of October for the commissioner-designate for transport Violeta Bulc declared:

“I am a very devoted cyclist. If you go to Slovenia you will see ministers leaving the meetings with very nice big cars, and I am at the back cycling my bike. I just love it. I go to work by bike, and I have seen what the Cohesion Funds and Structural Funds have done for cycling, for example in my own country. We now have some incredible cycling routes, and we use them really well. So I hope that this culture of cycling will be part of our culture as well.”

The beginning of a new era? At least it’s a big lesson for world leaders, politicians, music stars, sport stars, ceo’s,…