The ultimate use of cars

From one point of view this could be the ultimate use of cars. Being obstacles creating an urban subform of mountain biking. You don’t always need threes and hills to spice up your bike ride. For sure it needs your concentration!


Stad kreunt onder fileleed

Yesterday the headliner in one Flemish newspaper (Het Laatste Nieuws) was: ‘City moans under traffic congestion‘. All this is about road works on the ring surrounding my hometown Lier. Because of the traffics jams a lot of car drivers try to escape the long waiting time by taking a short cut through the city center. The result: noticeable influence on the air quality and huge traffic jams in town. Instead of writing an article from the car drivers point of view and keep queuing for the next two years, I would like to say: there are alternatives! Maybe this is the moment to accentuate and try them. Change your live and that of many others forever… Referring to the article’s subtitle: I’m fed up with petrol engined things spoiling a part of my live!

Traffic jams Lier


Als je wint, heb je vrienden

The other day I heard the song ‘Als je wint, heb je vrienden‘ (meaning something like, ‘If you win, you’ve got friends’  from Herman Brood and Henny Vrienten again on the radio. Not only is a great song, but it also reminded me of Niki Terpstra‘s victory in Dwars door Vlaanderen. In the interview right after the finish he answered the question with the opening line of this song. Smart, funny and very alert after one Flanders Classics!

Smoking vs Driving

It occurs me that there are a lot of similarities between smoking and driving a car.

Not so long ago it was socially accepted to smoke in bars, in restaurants, in trains, at work, in the presence of children,… Gradually the insight grow that putting your own addiction above the suffering of others was for several reasons completely not done.

In my opinion the same mentality shift is needed concerning excessive car use. Is it still socially acceptable to pollute air for your own pleasure or comfort and leave the consequences for someone else? For some strange reason the downside of this addiction is still accepted. Hopefully not for that long anymore…

the-skeleton-x-rays-smoke-cigarette Schermafbeelding 2014-11-14 om 14.22.48



The other day I was in Ghent cruising my folding bike in the Veldstraat. Although I have experience with rather extreem MTB tracks, on some sections these cobble stones were a bit to much. So I decided to ride on the side of the pavement (without obstructing pedestrians) the avoid the worst cobble stones. At one point a very friendly police man reminded my I had to use the road. Completely correct, but easier said then done on small wheels.