9 things drivers need to stop saying in the car vs bike debate

What an article on the reasons why to cycle instead of to drive! It sums up all these things you more or less know as a cyclist, but not in this great detail.

What also interests me is what can make drivers decide not to have a car as a first choice of transport and to convince politicians and decision makers there are alternatives. There are plenty of arguments around for a long time, but on the street and in the political arena the change in mentality is rather small.

Is one’s wallet is a good motivator? Are there figures explaining what the real cost for a average car / bike per km is? And I’m not only thinking about the cost for buying, insuring, driving, stalling and repairing your transport, but also what it costs the community -car vs bike- to construct roads, to build parking space (e.g. what percentage charge supermarkets for parking facilities), to solve transport related medical issues (polluted air, noise, accidents, stress,…), to lose time in traffic jams,… I sincerely think / hope this would make a really big difference, so the step towards daily pedal powered transport solutions is far sooner taken.


For the UK I would also say they need to stop saying 10. – “I pay Road Tax” as a reason to claim the road over any cyclist when in fact they pay Vehicle Excise Duty …. I know I have 4 bikes and pay a lot for my Merc Estate …. a lot more than the shitty turds who have thrown that line at me in the past.
Don't Kill The Messenger | Bryan Derballa

 Bryan Derballa/WIRED

There are certain things guaranteed to set off an internet firestorm. Talk about climate change, mention Monsanto, or bring up the treatment of women in video games. And you can, especially in recent years, piss off a whole bunch of people simply by writing about bikes and cars. Nothing seems to bring out the angry caps lock and personal attacks faster than transportation issues.

A recent report showing more cyclists are dying on US streets prompted a remarkable number…

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