Stad kreunt onder fileleed

Yesterday the headliner in one Flemish newspaper (Het Laatste Nieuws) was: ‘City moans under traffic congestion‘. All this is about road works on the ring surrounding my hometown Lier. Because of the traffics jams a lot of car drivers try to escape the long waiting time by taking a short cut through the city center. The result: noticeable influence on the air quality and huge traffic jams in town. Instead of writing an article from the car drivers point of view and keep queuing for the next two years, I would like to say: there are alternatives! Maybe this is the moment to accentuate and try them. Change your live and that of many others forever… Referring to the article’s subtitle: I’m fed up with petrol engined things spoiling a part of my live!

Traffic jams Lier



One thought on “Stad kreunt onder fileleed

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