Solar Impulse 2

Building and flying the solar powered airplane Solar Impulse 2 is one thing. Getting it of and again on the ground is another. Apparently (and despite the technology and the money behind the project)  impossible without… …cyclists who need to be around when the wide wings should by accident touch the ground!



The Grand Large District

The Grand Large District in Dunkerque (FR, Quai de la Cunette) is a site where ANMAAgence Nicolas Michelin & Associés build several dwellings between the sea, the docks and the city center. Not only is it a sustainable building project respecting nature’s forces, it’s also an area were priority is given to pedestrians and cyclists. A beautiful boulevard with sitting area’s and well designed bike parkings as a result. Motorized traffic is limited to the access roads behind the buildings. The ultimate way of living?

Dunkerque Dunkerque_bike parking


Testcyklisterna is an experimental program run by the local government in Gothenburg (a city in Sweden with a population of just over 500 000) to try and help people to overcome the mental block to chose bikes as the main transport solution. The project helps each individual to overcome practical stuff according their own situation. An important step is to lent participants (a diverse group of 35 people) a bike if they promise not to use their car 3 days a week. Often a solution will be found in good planning and in getting the right type bikes…


Red Carpet

No not for celebs, but for cyclists in Antwerp. At least that’s what the municipality claims there’re gonna do in the near future. In concrete a red asphalt layer will be placed out over 3,7 km so every road user knows you can’t overtake a biker here. The chosen route also avoids as many traffic lights as possible. Sounds like a good idea, but who’s going to enforce the new traffic rules and how will the biker’s red carpet be spread over town? The current communicated version only shows routes from the north and the east. Sounds poorly… One of the red carpets is really close to my cycling road to work. Looking forward to test it!

Red Carpet