Protest omdat automobilisten ook over Kanaaldijk mogen

Another episode in the discussion on the road works and traffic jams in my hometown… The same newspaper that published the article ‘City moans under traffic congestion‘ now heads ‘Protest because motorists may use tow path‘. Beside the fact that motorists can now use what was a quite cycle path, the real striking thing is the quote of Anne Vaes who since the roadworks has to travel one hour and a half from Mechelen to Lier. Every morning, every evening, every working day.

As far as I know you can use the combination of a towing path along the river Nete and a so called Fietsostrade (cycle highway) between Lier and Mechelen. Total distance is approximately 15 km. There are also train-stations in both cities, connected by two direct trains per hour during peak hours. Total traveling time is somewhere between 16 and 18 minutes. So dear people from HLN, Mrs. Vaes and motorists in general: with some planning and with some out of the box thinking there are solutions for the traffic problem in and around Lier and our societies’ car addiction in general!



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