School’s out

I must be honest. It’s mostly my wife who takes care of the schoolrun. But every Friday morning I bring my son to school, always with the Bullitt. You know, it’s fast and fun! At least for my son and me. What we see at the school gate is rather astonishing. Endless rows of cars are dropping the youngsters just in time just in front of the school. An absolutely necessity in this tough world we live in! Parents are so afraid of those ‘other’ car drivers they surely have to take their kids to school by car. What they seem to forget is that not only their children will never learn how unmotorized  traffic works, they also force all children to plough those stacked exhaust flumes. As for as I now, not the safest thing for your own kids either. What do want as a society: a school with a bunch of diesel powered cars in front of it or a school easy accessible fy foot and bike? (two schools below are separated by only a few hundred meters)

IMG_1477 IMG_1482


2 thoughts on “School’s out

  1. This is indeed very sad and you can see that in front of every school, at least in Brussel and Wallonia.
    The 2 main excuses I have heard justifying driving kids to school with a car are:
    1. I don’t have time to do it by foot or bike – Nice society where we don’t have time anymore to spend with our kids (or we don’t take the time it requires).
    2. It’s too dangerous – So, what they also seem to forget or not realize is the vicious circle it creates…If this is dangerous, this is because of the cars, so, if you go by car to school, you increase the danger, so more people will find it dangerous and more people will come by car and at the end, everyone comes by car.

    In my opinion, authorities should take some actions and forbid cars in front of school, give fine to people living close by but coming by car and school should organize grouped transport by bike or foot….

    When I drive my daughter to day care with my bike and my chariot, I can see that I attract look from kids in the car that are passing by. I really feel that they would like to be in my daughter seats in place of inside the car… So, this makes me feel that driving kids by car is against their natural wish.

    Let’s transform the vicious circle to virtuous circle by going by bike to school, showing others it can be done. They will start to do it, street will become more safe, so parents will be reassured, more people will come by bike, …..
    Yes, I dream, I know….

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