Step I: Do what we can

There’s often criticism, e.g. the column of Jean-Marie De Decker in Knack,  concerning the environmental effect of eating meat and burning oil derivatives. Despite all the scientific proof, in my opinion we must do what we can easily do as individuals.

We’re really not gonna die eating meat only once a week. Instead, make that ones a week event a thru feast by eating the best meat available instead of the cheap, mass produced clutter you otherwise would eat all week long.

The same with the transport modes. Looking for alternative and eco-friendly transport modes really will not harm you. Instead, you could notice that e.g. on public transport you’ll find time to read or think and by using a bike you burn calories and get a better overall shape.

A small step, right there between everyones ears could make a huge difference…  That is, at least in my head…



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