On design and comfort of public transport

When using Belgian public transport it’s always the same questions that pop up in my mind.

Why can’t they make trains designed in a sexy way? If super sports-cars were designed like public transport, would any premium customer buy them?

And who makes those on-ergonomic seats and chooses these textiles out of which train seats are made? Were do these stains come from? And how do you get them cleaned?

In other words, wouldn’t public transport be more attractive is it’s outer design meets up with the highest standards and the interiors are beautiful, ergonomical, easy to clean and comftable? I want to be proud to get on a bus/train/tram, not embarrassed to see these things constantly move around my country.

Schermafbeelding 2015-05-08 om 13.18.00 2015-porsche-911-7 thumb_IMG_2016_1024




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