Paris Roubaix 2015 Train Incident

After seeing the Paris Roubaix train incident again later some things occurred to me. Ofcourse you can’t ignore such an important traffic sign, but there are a few buts.

1. There are two motards in the front of the peloton who are the first to ignore the red signs.

2. There are two gendarmes (one can’t be seen this video, but he’s there, some 30 meters behind the barrier) on the other side of the barrier doing nothing?

3. The police officer on the motorcycle misses for 7-8 seconds the opportunity to stop the remaining of the peloton.

4. After the train passed, the police officer on the motorcycle is one of the first to start riding again, even when the barriers are down.

Who should get the fine? To be honest I can image that it’s possible when in a bike race one doesn’t immediately notice there  is a problem with the barriers, certainly not the first 10-15 riders.

Paris Roubaix Paris Roubaix Paris Roubaix


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