Make diesel twice as expensive

Lung cancer specialist Jean-Paul Sculier recently made a remarkable statement: ‘Make diesel twice as expensive’. The idea behind this? The use of diesel increases the change to get lung cancer with 20 to 50 % and this type of cancer is very hard to cure. Reason enough to get in rehab for our national addiction? And when will governments stop benefitting diesel? I can only hope change will come… Jean-Paul Sculier is related to the Jules Bordet Institute in Brussels and is current president of the European Lung Cancer Working Party.

diesel_tanken2 fuel




Call climate change what it is: violence

The article ‘Call climate change what it is: violence‘ (translation in to Dutch can be found at De Correspondent) by Rebecca Solnit sums up what I often thought riding my bike (and of course takes the subject much further). For a start, on a daily basis ignoring the things one can do to prevent climate change is an act of violence. A must read…


Photograph: Amr Abdallah Dalsh / Reuters