Bicy Klet

Jeroen Verhoeven from Bici Klet collects and delivers beers from breweries in Brussels to custumers in Brussels centre with his cargo bike. In one interview he says he hardly gets paid for it. A pity that pedal powered services are (often) regarded as free or to be low paid.



St. Joris Cycles

I’m a staunch steel bike rider and a strong believer that a good bike starts with the right frame size. At the Eindhoven (Netherlands) based St. Joris Cycles they also do. And owner Alex de Kraker makes astonishing examples!

St_Joris_Cycles_2 St_Joris_Cycles_1 St_Joris_Cycles_3

Make diesel twice as expensive

Lung cancer specialist Jean-Paul Sculier recently made a remarkable statement: ‘Make diesel twice as expensive’. The idea behind this? The use of diesel increases the change to get lung cancer with 20 to 50 % and this type of cancer is very hard to cure. Reason enough to get in rehab for our national addiction? And when will governments stop benefitting diesel? I can only hope change will come… Jean-Paul Sculier is related to the Jules Bordet Institute in Brussels and is current president of the European Lung Cancer Working Party.

diesel_tanken2 fuel




Call climate change what it is: violence

The article ‘Call climate change what it is: violence‘ (translation in to Dutch can be found at De Correspondent) by Rebecca Solnit sums up what I often thought riding my bike (and of course takes the subject much further). For a start, on a daily basis ignoring the things one can do to prevent climate change is an act of violence. A must read…


Photograph: Amr Abdallah Dalsh / Reuters