1 morning, 3 modes of transport

Earlier this week I’ve used my race bike to get to work. On the way the weather turned really bad, so I arrived soaking wet (one colleague asked if there was a swimmer in the house).

Next step was taking the metro. Because of the morning rush every compartment of every metro was overcrowded. Time for some high quality belly to belly time!

The third transport mode was a little truck. In this motorized vehicle I was on my own, sat dry, had the radio on, but had to wait at every traffic light.

It took me over 45 minutes to travel 19 km on bike and over 75 minutes to cover approximately 8 km by metro and truck.

Conclusion: At the end of the day I do prefer my race bike, even in wet conditions…

wet road Modes of transport - 1 Modes of transport - 2


One thought on “1 morning, 3 modes of transport

  1. I had an 11 mile (direct) london commute that took 1h40 by public transport – 55 min by car (but I would arrive raging) and eventually got it down to 30min by bike (and was totally destressed on arrival) …. now I use a brompton for urban commutes – mudguards keep you dry and there is no locking or storing just fold and carry in. Other bikes are quicker but once I factor in the locking and changing of clothes it is the same.

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