Empire ACC

With the Empire ACC Giro introduced a highly reflective cycling shoe. Beauty meets safety!



The existence of speed limits

In a BIVV (Belgian Road Safety Institute) survey 29% claims it’s OK to exceed the speed limit on general roads with 10 km/h, on highways 22% of the respondents think it’s fine to exceed the limit with 20 km/h.

Why is it so difficult to, once we agreed as a society on traffic rules, to stick to them? The other weekend was a fine example of this issue. We had to take the car out to pay a visit to family. The roads were, due to snow fall during the day and the frozen melts water in the evening,  the most slippery  I’ve experienced over the last years. The highways were due to the icing salt quite doable, but even under these conditions a considerable percentage of drivers considerable overruled the speed limits. To quote Bob Dylan: ‘It’s unbelievable, it’s strange but true’ (Unbelievable from Under the red sky, 1990). And to the policeman, where were you with your speed camera’s on moments like these? In the name of road safety the treasury could be enriched by large amounts!

The benefits of the application of speed rules seems obvious to me: road safety, less fuel consumption, courtesy, a more relaxed journey, less traffic jams due to accidents,… Let’s go for it!


The future of biking?

Are giant bike jams like these the future of biking? What is sure: these Brits do know how to queue & when traditional transport systems fail you can always rely on your bike! Concerning the latter: I find the idea of living in a smaller town, but within cycling distance of a bigger city very reassuring. Even without trains, busses, cars,… I’m able to go to the big city whenever I want…

An alternative…

Long live mobility

The future of mobility is not the individual system of cars we use today. We all know it, but the joke is that even car manufactures are taking precautions.

MOIA (VW) wants to make the lives of the city dweller better, saver and cleaner. ‘The current transportation system is inefficient and it’s very expansive. When you just think about pollution, congestion and noise in cities, you really need to find answers to that.’ Intriguing words from the mouth of Ole Harms, chief of MOIA and someone from the payroll of Volkswagen.

Mercedes is also rethinking the cars future with Car2GO, BMW and Sixt are doing it with Drive Now. All brands seem to be vary anxious about missing the shift from car possession to a new form of mobility…

What they not seem not to understand is that motorized transport may be a necessity for some occasions, but is hugely inefficient for lots of occasions. It’s still an overweighted choice that cost lots of energy to get in motion, takes lots of public space and is no answer to growing health problems. Your own two legs are the real problem solvers!