Climate of Concern

What if even one of the biggest oil producing firms (Shell) in the world knew about the effects of our energy consuming way of life and made a documentary about it? In 1991? That’s 26 years ago!

Why is it more then a quarter of a century later still so difficult to acknowledge the relation between our behavior and the climate change and do something about it???

This movie has been made public again by De Correspondent, a paying but superb news site from the Netherlands. For the full background story see here for English and here for Dutch explanation. The video beneath is the summery, the full version can be seen on De Correspondent site


Save to breathe?

Merely empirical (see eg. School’s Out) I became as an asthmatic and over the last 20 years very aware of the effects of air quality on ones breathing capacity. Over the last months this awareness seems to expand in the public debate. This weekend De Standaard published figures an maps on air pollution and the location of hospitals, creches, elementary schools and high schools. All details can be found here. Shocking data that will hopefully result in drastic behavioral changes…


Ziet den Tom

Het is wee zondag en ik hem al kaaveel goesting om te hangen inne zetel doar te volge zonner op te staon

Ik zen goan daanse en goan sjansen mee men moaten en ik was wee loat thuis zen wee veu te lang deugegaon

Ik pak nen douche en kam men haor kies ne onesie mee wa zjaar, pak nen duvel me wa kees en ook wa salami

Dan nodde zetel mee men glas, die van ons in ne badjas

En ik zen kleir veu te gaon

De zondag is nog nie gedaon

Ik pak het kaske en begin op me gemakske wat te zappe totdak utkom be de koers

Ik zenner kleir veu tmag beginne want ik zen een bitje tam

Ma toch nog iejest wa reklam

Toch ma ne wodka

Me ewa red bull

En pakt gij zelf ok iet

Die van ons kijkt precies e klei beke vies (2x) (Ik heb de indruk dat mijn vrouw een beetje boos kijkt (2x)

Ziet den Tom, jom, dieje rappen aap mee zenne geilen blik en zenne strakke baard 

Ziet den Tom jom, ziet den Tom jom 

Hij is ne wollef

Van alle schaopen in de wej mokt hej kebab me samoerai

Ne pyromaan

Hej stikt de koers weer in de fik belange gene bangerik

En hej beslist

Of dattem gao lek een raket dan hedde boeëne gefret

Den dirigent

Hij garandeert in zijne kring doet elke velo tringeling

Lot ze me denken wasse wille al die mannen aan de kant die stoan te loeren nor zen moves

Ge zie ze denken ‘fok dor heddem wee de keuning van de baon, ik wou dat kik da had die grooves

Ge voelt da ritme hiejel goed, ge zietem goan op zen pedals en ret er iederiejen af

Die baon die is gewuun van hum

Tornado Tom hej is de man hej plekt ze tegen het behang

Ziet den Tom, jom, dieje rappen aap mee zenne geilen blik en zenne strakke baard 

Ziet den Tom jom, ziet den Tom jom 

Lot ze mor denken al die mannen aan de kant die stoan te loeren nor zen moves

Ge zie ze denken ‘fok dor heddem wee de keuning van de baon

De keuning van de baon – ziet den Tom

Fine Dust Pollution

As an asthmatic I’m over sensitive for air and air quality, so I’m often confronted with doubtful circumstances when moving around. One of the occasions is when I drop off or pick up my son at school once a week. In the name of safety lots of parents use their car for the school run. As a result you can literally taste the air pollution at these moments and I always wander how big the impact really is. The small video of De Standaard journalist Ine Renson gives a good idea what’s really going on on busy situations. (Click on picture to be redirected to the video)

Schermafbeelding 2017-02-18 om 20.13.33-squashed.png


Myron Ebell & Co

In the beginning of February Myron Ebell, a Donald Trump deputy, climate change denier and lobbyist for the coal / oil industry, was lecturing European conservatives in Brussels. Despite the beautiful setting of the Solvay library, it’s a very disturbing fact that this is anno 2017 still thinkable. Climate is no alternative fact you can play around with. Luckily there are still people like Joeri Thijs (spokesman for Greenpeace) who dare to shout RESIST!


Low emission zone in Antwerpen

Earlier this month a low emission zone was introduced in Antwerp (BE). Petrol powered cars with Euro 1 and diesel powered cars with Euro 3 (January 2000) or better are now the only allowed enter the city center.

After the induction of the zone the printed media (Nieuwsblad) jumped on some ‘insane’ consequences of the new rules. In my opinion not the rules, but the reactions are outrageous. Two examples…

Jacques Goeyvaerts (67) may not enter the center with his Nissan Almera diesel from 2003, although he lives only 350 meter from the border. He only uses his 14 year old car sparingly. The Nissan has only run 100 000 km. The low emission zone will cost him 350 EUR a year.

Leo Gyselinck (91) only drives 100 km a year with his 28 year old Mazda. He now can’t enter the low emission zone in Linkeroever anymore to go to take care of his health insurance.

To the first I would like to say: as so many car owners in Belgium you should have bought a petrol instead of a diesel engine back in 2003. An average of 7142 km a year is way to little for a diesel car. On the contrary:  a petrol engined car from 2003 is Euro 3 may enter the low emission zone for many years to come and would have spared lots of city dwellers over the years. For the freaks… The Nieuwsblad article doesn’t focus on the exact engine of the Almera, but Nissan has a long history for serious big diesel engines. The 2003 model was available in a 1,5 and a 2,2 liter version. The latter was because of the high road taxes rather unfriendly for your wallet, especially when driving this little.

To the latter, I understand people get bonded with their car, but at 100 km a year it’s far less expensive to use a cab. And more comfortable and saver I assume…