Onderzoek Verplaatsingsgedrag Vlaanderen

Mobiel Vlaanderen has published the survey Onderzoek Verplaatsingsgedrag Vlaanderen (see here for summary).

The astonishing facts:

In Flanders people are prepared to go on foot or use a bike for distances up to 800 meters, for longer distances most of us use a car. Reasons for this car addiction concerning the 1600 respondents: the privacy, the comfort, the king of the road-feeling and the low price.

The average milage covered a day is 46,13 km (37,95 km when excluding those who travel more than 1000 km a day!).

The higher the family budget, the higher the family milage. Even 2,92% of families with a maximum family income of 1500 EUR travel over 30 000 km a year by car.

No wonder we get congested and polluted…

Mobiel Vlaanderen




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