Cargo bike in Swedish Royal park maintenance

I don’t understand a word of it, but I do get the point…


One thought on “Cargo bike in Swedish Royal park maintenance

  1. Nadim Khemir gave me a translation on my Facebook. “She lists the name of the tools she uses and says that the vehicle fits the needs. then he describes where he works and what he does. she comes back and says that a lot of people ask her what she rides. he, he is the boss, decided to use these bike because they could take the load and also very much because they are silent. they have millions of visitors and one does not disturb them. another advantage is that it does not need a driving license and a lot of the youngsters working during summer do not have a driving licence. An added advantage is the low weight which does not hurt the grass compared to the more common vehicle used in parks, specially when it is wet weather; no deep marks in the grass. He adds that there are different positive aspects, time, as traffic in Stockholm can be difficult with car, health aspect and budget aspect.” Thanks a lot for this Nadim!

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