Public transport seats

Although I’m a great bike user, from time to time I have to use public transport. At those occasions it always pops my mind that when you want the majority of people leave their cars at the side, you need to do something on the quality and the looks of trains and train infrastructure. Why isn’t it for instance possible to combine the ergonomics and comfort of Scandinavian carseats with the design and quality of the top German or British cars in train wagons? What you get is a dirty, ugly and non-comfortable seat. Dirty because they are often used and often made out of the wrong fabric. Ugly because who on earth thinks the patterns found on train seats are beautiful. Non-comfortable because there are certain rules in ergonomics, presumably unknown to those who design train seats. And the same goes for the majority of train wagons, the perrons, the train stations. Please have respect for users of public transport. You’ll get respect in return. And maybe seduce (premium) car users to use public transport instead.

One great example I saw in Prague a few years ago. You might think it’s an uncomfortable one to sit on when you look at it, but I thought it was rather perfect…




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