The Museum Tinguely in Basel organized a car art exhibition in 2011 under the name Car Fetish. I drive, therefore I am. René Descartes must be having a good laugh…

Car Fetish



Coal Rolling

Hard to imagine, but apparently some people in the USA tune diesel powered engines to produce even more exhaust flumes. The goal of this very visible form of intended air pollution is to entertain and to protest against environmentalism. Popular targets are Prius- and Tesla drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, protesters,… Luckily this practice is even in the United States of Trump illegal! By the way: There’s no such thing as cancer and for sure the ears of the youngster are very well protected!!



The city of Hangzhou (China) looked for an awnser to the exhausts from combustion engines. In 2008 the solution came in a 24 000 000 dollar bike share program. 86 000+ public bikes seems like a good idea. Helas, the users didn’t care and didn’t bring them back to one of the 3000 docking stations. After a while the bikes were in a really bad shape and there’s no money to repair them. The city got covered in bikes and the police had to pick up more and more bikes because of complaints. The result: 16 graveyards for thousants of bikes around the city.