Coal Rolling

Hard to imagine, but apparently some people in the USA tune diesel powered engines to produce even more exhaust flumes. The goal of this very visible form of intended air pollution is to entertain and to protest against environmentalism. Popular targets are Prius- and Tesla drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, protesters,… Luckily this practice is even in the United States of Trump illegal! By the way: There’s no such thing as cancer and for sure the ears of the youngster are very well protected!!



3 thoughts on “Coal Rolling

  1. It’s a pretty horrific pastime of what I might refer to as a certain section of the RedNeck culture. That said, to be fair, that first pic you have is of something called a “tractor pull” competition, where a turbo charged diesel vehicle attempts to pull a weighted sled a certain distance. In that situation you would expect to see the plume of smoke/exhaust as normal/accepted. Sorta the same context of any auto race, so emissions is not a particular concern. Just wish they could do more about the street vehicles set up this way.

    • Hi John,

      thanks for the reply! I was very aware that the first pic was some kind of competition. Therefore I used the word ‘entertain’, but I should have explained this better. I do agree there is a substantial difference between a race and a situation on a public road. I don’t see why in a race emissions aren’t important. I’m not a connoisseur, but do you see these plumes this big at F1 or Nascar races?

  2. This is true, you would not see that kind of visible emissions elsewhere, but given sheer quantity of fuel burned in something like drag racing, NASCAR, or even F1, the emissions are likely just as terrible. Just not as visible. Especially if multiplied by frequency of occurrence(there are a lot more F1 races and F1 race cars, than tractor pulls). Which is generally why globally “we” are ok with excessive emissions from entertainment based pollution(racing)[also, I don’t necessarily think that’s the correct attitude, just noting what seems to be a globally accepted thing]. As a road cyclist, who is currently living in the American South (Atlanta), I’ve witnessed these dumbasses, fortunately they aren’t too common.

    Regardless, keep up the great writing.

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