In 2005 I felt I had to do something. I was getting fatter and less sportive. Since the birth of my son in 2006 I’ve started mountain biking and over the years I became a bike enthusiast. Ten thousands of kilometers later, some might call me a bike extremist. But what I’ve learned is that bikes (certainly in an urban environment) are not that much slower for commuting. And much more healthier, fun and less stressful! Even stronger: bikes can solve a lot of practical problems people start petrol engined machinery for… At this point we have a second hand petrol engined Toyota Auris hatchback on the street. I often call it our anti-car, because it is small and the complete opposite of what people see or need in a car. But most important, it does the job when we need it and uses not that much fuel. Our garage instead houses a range of bikes for my son, my wife and myself. And we try to do as much things as possible by bike. The reason for this blog! For all reactions, ideas,… please contact me at info@yeswecandoalmostanythingbybike.com.


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  1. Hi, I’ve ridden a bicycle for most of my life but last year I decided to use it more often for transport. Eleven months later, I’m fitter, healthier and we’re spending less on car fuel.

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