Crossing Tower Bridge

One can cross Tower Bridge in several ways, but what the guys (sequel starting from the second picture) is rather uncommon fo most of us…

London_Tower Bridge1-squashedLondon_Tower Bridge2-squashedLondon_Tower Bridge3-squashedLondon_Tower Bridge4-squashedLondon_Tower Bridge5-squashedLondon_Tower Bridge6-squashedLondon_Tower Bridge7-squashedLondon_Tower Bridge8-squashed



In my favorite London coffee – bike combi Look mom no hands I spotted this remarkable folding bike: the Hummingbird. In the single speed version (for one reason or the other I like single speeded folding bikes) this one just weights 6,9 kg. According to the site the bike folds in under 5 seconds. One detail I also like about this carbon framed cycle is (not the carbon!) the attention to the quality of the wheels… Prices start at £ 3495.




City guerrilla

Anton Schuurmans is a cyclist who on a daily basis travels from Schaarbeek to the centre of Brussels. Tired of finding his his way on the bad (cycling) roads of the capital, he started something remarkable. Armed with potting soil, a bunch of plants / flowers and a watering can he started to fill road holes with nature. Beautiful as a result AND as a symbol. Keep on fighting Anton! Ironically the police isn’t to amused with his actions and already asked him to remove these things of beauty…

Anton Schuurman1Anton Schuurman2-squashedAnton Schuurman3Flowers are pictured in a pothole after Brussels resident Anton Schuurmans planted them to draw attention to the bad state of public roads in Brussels

Moral Superiority

On the 20th of June 2018 N-VA politician Koen Kennis wrote an article in De Morgen (full article is not available) headlining ‘No, cycling is not morally superior’. I can only wonder: what transport mode is then superior? If I compare things like climate, air quality, health, cost structure, noise levels, infrastructure needed, traffic jams, dependency, average speed, social interaction, accidents and injuries,… I can only come to the conclusion bikes are most of the time a rather good solution. It’s not how my mind works, but if one transport mode should be considered superior: what else could it be beside the mighty bike?

Koen Kennis


While cycling to Brussels, I underpassed the bridge of the Vuurkruisenlaan in Vilvvoorde. What I saw was a nice playground for youngsters alongside pretty cool graffiti. In the back I spotted these wise words from Ish Ait Hamou‘s book ‘Cécile’ and illustrated by Sander Heremans. In an attempt to translate…

‘You’ve got everything you need; it’s what you think you need that makes you mad’

‘To need something is something different then to lust, don’t take one for the other, because that’s a sin’

How ironic that 2 German / premium brand cars are parked in front of the piece…


Wolf Vostell

The other day I read about the German happening artist Wolf Vostell (1932-1998). It’s fair to say that he wasn’t keen on radio’s, televisions, trains nor cars. One of his non executed work was the idea to leave on a designated road all car wrecks on the spot when car accidents happened. In time the result would be a blocked street. Sounds like some arty Paris 1968 havoc! But what of an eyeopener it would be to see modern day traffic from another perspective…


Paris, Quartier Latin, rue Gay-Lussac, 1968.