Parking facilities for Nobel Prize winners

In the world of universities, it’s a tradition that Nobel Prize winners get their own parking spot. When the Dutch professor Ben Feringa won the Nobel Price for chemistry in 2016, there was a slight problem. He uses a bike to travel to work. The university of Groningen solved this problem rather elegant… In an interview he also stated that his best ideas come to mind when he’s peddling to work.


Back to School

When will car manufacturers finally get it. This VW add for a Caddy is quoting ‘Destination: Back to school!’. Road safety, air quality, noise pollution and so many others things in mind scream for 1 thing: get rid of these cars, use your feet or 2 to 3 peddle powered wheels to get your kids to school. They’ll also get a free lesson in transport possibilities. Well, that’s education!



The city of Hangzhou (China) looked for an awnser to the exhausts from combustion engines. In 2008 the solution came in a 24 000 000 dollar bike share program. 86 000+ public bikes seems like a good idea. Helas, the users didn’t care and didn’t bring them back to one of the 3000 docking stations. After a while the bikes were in a really bad shape and there’s no money to repair them. The city got covered in bikes and the police had to pick up more and more bikes because of complaints. The result: 16 graveyards for thousants of bikes around the city.


Best selling fleet car of the year

Audi released a rather strange ad for the A4 quoting it’s the ‘Best selling fleet car of the year’. The ad continuous: ‘Already 10 000 Belgians on their way to succes’. In my mind this should be: ‘Another 10 000 Belgians getting paid the wrong way’. How are we ever gonna solve our mobility and climate problems if this way of thinking stays the norm? An advertisement to be very proud Audi! It exactly puts the finger where it hurts!!

Audi_A4_Best selling fleet car of the year