Completely insane


Viks Copperhead

The other day I came across this exceptional fixie on the net: the Viks Copperhead. The bike is a unique piece, a cooperation between Viks Estonia and Velowland for the SPIN London Cycle Show 2015. The frame is made of stainless steel. The wheels are carbon Shimano 3-spokes. The saddle is a Berthoud. But the magic sits particularly in the color. This is what Sjoerd from Velowland explained to me on the fascinating patine of the bike…
The Viks copperhead is totally covered with a real layer of copper (also the carbon wheels), we sprayed real copper particles on the frame and polished it.
The green is real oxidation/patina of the copper.
This bike is pretty much “alive”!
In short: über cool stuff!!!
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