In my favorite London coffee – bike combi Look mom no hands I spotted this remarkable folding bike: the Hummingbird. In the single speed version (for one reason or the other I like single speeded folding bikes) this one just weights 6,9 kg. According to the site the bike folds in under 5 seconds. One detail I also like about this carbon framed cycle is (not the carbon!) the attention to the quality of the wheels… Prices start at £ 3495.





Slim your bike

I’m convinced that the future of housing is compact and city-based. It’s not always so easy to combine this idea with my other conviction that the future of transport is peddle based.

Small inventions like the Flipcrown can made things possible… The Flipcrown slims a standard bike to a width of just 10cm! This makes it easy to stall in tight spaces of even hang it on walls…