I’m convinced we can do a lot with a bike, but I’m nut sure I would recommend what Kevin Reza of FDJ did on the descent of the Simplonpass in the 2017 Tour de Suisse. 135,44 km/h on a bike sounds completely insane. It’s for sure a no go for me!

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The Flying Scotsman

Graeme Obree aka The Flying Scotsman and ex world hour record holder is trying to beat the World human-powered land speed record in a hand-build bike called the Exhibit B. This bike is a prone recumbent bike, meaning the driver is lying on his stomach. I love the low tech approach of this one man project and hope he will reach his goal! To be continued…

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World record speeds

Since the day I learned the principle of a velomobile, I was fascinated. But some people go further… From 2010 onwards students from the TU Delft and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam are trying to optimize a self-buld bike to break the world cycling record, currently set at 133 km/h. The results are the VeloX1 and VeloX2. A lot of detailed info can be found on this website. Including these awesome movies… A new team just started working on a third project.