‘Terzake’ on ‘Marginal External Costs’

The VRT programme Terzake did an episode on marginal external cost (a returning theme on this blog!). The numbers for the trip Leuven – Brussels (25 km one way) are (again) intriguing…

Total marginal external costs vs costs payed by the user on this 25 km:

Diesel car: 5,19 EUR / 2,20 EUR

Petrol car: 5,19 EUR / 4,15 EUR

Diesel company car: 5,19 EUR / 1,08 EUR

Petrol company car: 5,19 EUR / 3,45 EUR

Electric powered bike: -6,09 EUR / 0,41 EUR

Pedal powered bike: -10,74 EUR / – 0,14 EUR

The difference between the two figures is what we pay as a community for every travelled 25 km! And now the one and only possible conclusion is?