‘Terzake’ on ‘Marginal External Costs’

The VRT programme Terzake did an episode on marginal external cost (a returning theme on this blog!). The numbers for the trip Leuven – Brussels (25 km one way) are (again) intriguing…

Total marginal external costs vs costs payed by the user on this 25 km:

Diesel car: 5,19 EUR / 2,20 EUR

Petrol car: 5,19 EUR / 4,15 EUR

Diesel company car: 5,19 EUR / 1,08 EUR

Petrol company car: 5,19 EUR / 3,45 EUR

Electric powered bike: -6,09 EUR / 0,41 EUR

Pedal powered bike: -10,74 EUR / – 0,14 EUR

The difference between the two figures is what we pay as a community for every travelled 25 km! And now the one and only possible conclusion is?





Myron Ebell & Co

In the beginning of February Myron Ebell, a Donald Trump deputy, climate change denier and lobbyist for the coal / oil industry, was lecturing European conservatives in Brussels. Despite the beautiful setting of the Solvay library, it’s a very disturbing fact that this is anno 2017 still thinkable. Climate is no alternative fact you can play around with. Luckily there are still people like Joeri Thijs (spokesman for Greenpeace) who dare to shout RESIST!