Bikes and coffee. One often a good indicator of the other and one of my all time favorites. In Brussels I came across this green bike of PermaFungi. The guy riding it explained they grow mushrooms on coffee grounds in the city itself. Collecting (30 000 kg of coffee grounds) and delivering (6 000 kg of mushrooms) are solely done by bike.


Best selling fleet car of the year

Audi released a rather strange ad for the A4 quoting it’s the ‘Best selling fleet car of the year’. The ad continuous: ‘Already 10 000 Belgians on their way to succes’. In my mind this should be: ‘Another 10 000 Belgians getting paid the wrong way’. How are we ever gonna solve our mobility and climate problems if this way of thinking stays the norm? An advertisement to be very proud Audi! It exactly puts the finger where it hurts!!

Audi_A4_Best selling fleet car of the year